The Great Riddle

Doubt not, for only when we believe do we succeed. One of the most memorable scenes in The Neverending Story. 11×14 in 6B graphite. This piece has been purchased.

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The ancient one. Indifferent to the fate of the world, there are those who are completely consumed with the right to their own self-pity. My second piece from The Neverending Story. Purely a test in creating texture, I did not focus so much on lighting here. Several people who watched me draw this thought I […]

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The Confluence

The Nothing approaches. In an hour so dark as the ending of the world, one can only hope that we will set aside our differences. Even if only to be afraid together. Completed in June of 2016, The Confluence is a play on Michael Ende’s book; The Neverending Story. Sketch dimension is A4, medium consists of heavier graphites ranging from […]

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