The Bear

The piece titled: The Bear is a 14″ x 17″ sketch drawn entirely in 6B soft graphite. The subject is an Australian Shepherd and Doberman named Lola, who belongs to my close friend Abby. Seeing as how her birthday just passed, it was only fitting to gift her a family portrait.

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Commissioned for a coworker, Cassius is an 11×14 piece using an array of graphites ranging from 2B-8B. The subject here is Cash, belonging to my coworker Cassie West. Ironically she gifted this piece to fellow artist Larry Mobley, who could not be commissioned to draw this piece himself as it would spoil the surprise of the […]

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Senna was the first piece I was commissioned to draw, as well as the first pet portrait I attempted. I was originally contracted to sketch Senna by my friend Abby. Although Senna is not her dog, the German Sheppard belongs to her boyfriend. The portrait was gifted to him as a birthday present. This piece took […]

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